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Download The Continuous Life by 311


311 The Continuous Life lyrics

when things are outta whack
and they might collapse
and at the end of the day
you still can't relax
and physically you ache
like a cavity feelin' the blind
on your mind and the rest
of your body
listen to your heartbeat
flow and imagine
become jackson pollack
air brush chinese dragons
on a sky blue conversation
van or electra
buick of the mind full of
luminous matter
and slowly all the pressure
recedes and you stop to decay
naturally think clearly
ultimately through your grace
will give way to traffic jams
submachine guns in hand
city red-necks who think
like the omega man
feelin' the extremes
of the times we're livin'
stockpile spaghetti-o's
and cheerios plannin'
to survive that fall-out shit

its not ambiguous
it be continous
its all about us
its for real man
the continuous life there is no end
movin' through life
movin' through death

my radio emits a signal form
a strange noise the kind of which
i've never heard before
i scan the dial for more stations
but all i get is an eerie feelin'
i'm not dreamin' this is the real dealin'
there's nothin like this trance
i'm caught in a daze
cuz i'm finally out of my body
the blue lights are ablaze
yeah i'm really amazed
and feelin' so light that's right
lift off and i'm into the sky
as if a hologram were created
to shift my conciousness
changed again and i'm flung
in the rift
i wanna be free i wanna do right
i move through the portal
to be purified

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