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Download Shake It by Aaron Carter


Aaron Carter Shake It lyrics

Yo, this is Aaron Carter
And I wanna introduce you to my boys, 95 SOUTH
And it's all about this new dance

All around the world
Everywhere I go
I've learned a new dance
That I want you to know - you've got to SHAKE IT

Shake it to the left
Shake it to the right
Shake it everybody
Cause it feels so right
Just shake it
Just shake it
Everybody just shake it
Everybody just shake it

What you want to do is
Shake it, bake it
Twist it all around
Let Aaron take you thru it
If you wanna get down


All you gotta do
Is shake it all around
Come on everybody
It's time to get down and...


95 SOUTH in the house, come on
95 SOUTH in the house, come on

Just shake it (2x)
Everybody just shake it (2x)

From London to L.A.
Down to Tampa Bay
Just shake it
Just shake it

Frankfurt likes to shake it
New York likes to shake it
Japan likes to shake it
Come on everybody
Just shake it

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